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February 5, 2007

2911: AFF, level 4

Can't continue the 4-way, 2 students of mine have arrived, 2 brothers. I hand one over to koen, I don't feel like working too much today :-) OK, the guy is at level 7, but his previous jump was some 6 weeks ago. I 'm really not good at that kind of rules, so I have to ask another instructor what the book says about this: first a level 4 apparently. Since I did most of the guy's previous jumps, lets make it a level four-and-a-halve. Ground stuff is smooth, some extra stuff about landing out, cause that pilot keeps throwing people out all over the place. I 'm gonna take my mobile.
"Check-out", instead of the usual ok-nod, I give him a very loud YIIHAAAH-nod, I see a big grin appearing, out, in, out, I release him almost immediately, he struggles a few seconds, alticheck, turn left, alticheck, flying forward, alticheck, what's he doing now, he stops arching, and his arms are almost like in mantis??? he turns on his upper body, quick, too quick, he is gonna fall over, no, he 's keeping it together, ok, he 's arching again, he has completely forgotten about his legs now, serious backslide, but this is 5000ft, wave-off, pull, nice and clean. An OK dive.
He just makes it back, I land out.

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