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June 8, 2008

Rained out

This weekend should have been the big weekend, the weekend of our new club record, a 70-way. Briefing at 8 am. Leslie Gale organising (I like her style :-)). But it rained. Hard. All day long.

Everything was in place. Our 3 Caravans, plus a (rented) Skyvan as the lead plane. I really don't like Skyvans, I 'm just plain afraid in them. But I love a tailgate exit. And I was to be the super floater. Hmm, that makes for a nice jump, plus a chance to show off a bit. But we never even tried. When it was still overcast and foggy on sunday around 2 pm, the whole thing was called off. Without even one try. Not even a little formation load :-)

Of course from that moment on, the weather started to clear out, and I still managed to make 3 jumps. They were nice 8-ways allright, but when you were expecting to do a 70-way, well... It is a bit disappointing.

Let's try again next year, hopefully we'll be luckier than.

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