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April 11, 2009

Good first jump

Why can't they all be as good as this? Being an AFFI would be a walk in the park:-)
(jump from last weekend)


Anonymous said...

Hi :o)

I did my first tandem skydive last Saturday 25th April at Langar Airfield, Nottingham, England.
Now I did the jump for charity - under no normal cicumstances would I wish to jump out of a plane unless I thought I was helping to raise money (we raised nearly 2k for Cystic Fibrosis trust)....
Until last week I was scared of, flying, heights, flying at a hieght, falling from a height. I have never pushed myself out of my comfort zone....but last week I did!
So I jumped......I thought I would hate it but OH MY GOSH....I LOVED EVERY SECOND! I loved the plane ride, the exhileration, the terror, the feeling of being alive, the atmosphere.....I was actually moved by the whole experience.
And now I want to do more...more more more! It is as if nothing can be scary to me now that I have done it once. I shocked myself at how happy it made me, and how brilliant I felt, and still feel.
I am sure you have spoken to a million people who have said what I am saying, but I am so serious about it. I feel like I have found something that could be a big thing in my life, I loved it so much.

I have been deciding on what the bext thing to do next is - AFF, RAPS.....Looking back I loved the freefall the most, and so I am thinking AFF might be more my thing...

Me and my boyfriend (who also did the jump) have cancelled plans for a summer holiday and plan to spend the cash on learning to dive instead.

So your blog, and your videos etc, are just like gold dust to me. Its great to hear from someone who is so experienced and see all of the stages off AFF (and hear about all those beers) - infact when my canopy opened I remember shouting...NOW I NEED A BEER! :o)
And I bloody did..!

Anyway, would be really good to get in touch with you if you are ok with that? I dont know if you would mind or not but there are a few things I would like to ask you about the whole thing...I am blithered with what to do next, where to do AFF...etc and it would be good to hear from someone in the know.

My email is
If you want to get in touch that would be great, but if not I understand youre a busy guy with all those jumps :o)

I alwyas hear the pros say it.....and always wanted to say it myself so here goes....

Blue skies!!

Alix x

Anonymous said...

I love skydiving :)

DMurphy15 said...

I first went skydiving on my 22nd birthday, which is in the middle of October. It was absolutely freezing on the ground, which made it unbearable thousands of feet in the air. I was not nervous until I started my walk to the tiny purple airplane that was going to take me up. I am the type of person who decides they want to do something and just does it. I don't tend to usually think about things. In my mind I thought, "Hey, I am going skydiving". Plain and simple. I never actually thought of what skydiving was, jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air and depending on a total stranger (a goofy one at that) with my life. But after I was in the plane and securely (a little too securely) fasted to my tandem partner, I had no choice. Once we hit the proper atlitute, we inched towards the open doors. I don't actually think I walked towards the door, more like I was pushed. I could not breathe. A combination of the freezing cold, the high altitude, and the pure adrenaline of the fall was inabling me to take a breath! I had my experience video taped by the skydiving company. You could see the waves my skin made as I decended into the clouds. My experience was amazing. Once he pulled the parachute and we began to float and hit warmer air, I was able to breath again. It was such a beautiful experience, unlike my landing...right on the behind. i was a bit sore. I plan to go back, but am waiting for warm weather again.

צניחה חופשית said...

Skydiving is real great sport !
I recommended everyone to do a tandem jump first, also a great way to jump is from hot air balloonץ

Jerry said...

Glad you enjoyed your skydive, AFF is definately the way to go if you can afford it, the best thing to do is go on an organised trip and do it all in a wekk or so, good luck and Blue Skies!!

Rach said...

Glad you enjoyed it so much.
I also started by doing a one off tandem, i have since learn AFF and hve recently got my A licence. Totally hooked now, lovin it !!
AFF is definately the way to go in my opinion.

Chris said...

Cool skydiving video! Hope the skydiving is going well. Chris

Rima said...

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James_P said...

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