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December 13, 2008


First take-off is only at 11.30 h. And of course I'm on it. A 5-way with me in the middle. On exit the point flips under the formation, but we keep the faith. Eventually it works out allright. The jump is not great, but fun.

Jump 2 & 3 are sitflies. The second one is fine, I jump with two others, they do their stuff, and I manage to follow their level and stay close to them. On jump 3 I once again completely f**k up the exit, and by the time I am level and start to move in, the jump is almost over. Aaaah, frustrating stuff!

Next is a tracking jump. We are just two, and after everybody else has exited, I close the door and signal to the pilot to continue. The other guy starts acting a bit nervous, and I realise I didn't tell him I was planning to exit about 1.75 mile further than the others (I honestly forgot, I wasn't doing it on purpose). So I monitor on the plane's GPS where we are, open the door, quick glance outside, a nod to the other guy, and there we go. I dive towards the tail, immediately in tracking position, but I go too steep and I go off the right axis for a moment. I have to readjust before I can really take off. I don't see my companion, I barrelroll looking for him, but I don't see him. Well, there's no time to loose or I will be landing in the middle of nowhere, and anyway, if I track like hell, he won't be able to follow me and thus we will have enough separation at pull time. I make it back and I am over the DZ when I pull. When I look behind me, the other guy is already open, way higher then me, and way back, but he'll also make it back.

On my way home, I am stopped by the police for an alcohol test, and I breathe clean. So 3 beers in less than 2 hours is fine :-))

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Leuk om je weer te lezen.