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January 3, 2009


Daniel is dead. I lost a friend and a former team mate.

He died on a base jump last monday. He was living dangerously and he knew it. He was warned about it, he sure was a lunatic, and all that. But he was also a great guy, and he was my friend. Last time we talked, he asked me to do a base with him (like he always did), and I turned down the offer (like I always did). Ciao Glou-glou, blue skies to you. Like many others, I'll miss you!

In 2008 I made 222 jumps at my home DZ. 77 of those were instruction jumps. That means I am in the top 3 on jump numbers as well as on AFF jumps. Including the couple of days I jumped in Zwartberg, that brings me on something like 90 AFF jumps. Not bad for a weekender, but I was aiming at 100. Well, I'll try again this year. 250 jumps, with a 100 AFF would be nice for 2009.

And I made my first jumps of this new year: a tracking jump, a solo sitfly, and a 2-way sit. The jumps were great. It was very cold. The beer was good.


Anonymous said...

Mijn oprechte deelneming met het verlies van je vriend. Had het op de site van vvp gelezen en op Ben nog naar zijn filmpjes gaan zien op skydivingmovies. Daniel was gelukkig.
Wat ze ook mogen zeggen: Daniel heeft geleefd zoals hij het wou. Hij zou het niet anders gewild hebben.

Blue Skies.

Skydiver said...

200 jumps is good going for a skydiving season.