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February 16, 2009


Another typical winter jumping day. Sunny and cold, not many people around, and those nice, relaxed jumps that only seem to happen off-season. 3 FS jumps today, a 5, a 6 and a 7-way.

Karel had his new camera-and-lens today. He made some jumps with us to test it. Looks OK to me :-) Thx Karel!

It is nice to see an FS jump from a tandem camera position, rather than a top view. It also shows very clearly the fall rate problems we had, all the wobbling going on. The oldest guy in this jump is in his seventies(!), the "youngest" in his thirties.


I am the one in the white jumpsuit. Can you spot my 3 brain locks? One of them is obvious (I go for zipper instead of cat), but the other two are harder to spot. But I knew it when I was doing (or rather not doing) it. Maybe a little too relaxed? Anyway, I like jumps like this. And I'm not alone. We all had a good time.

And I like a beer afterwards :-)

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Skydive UK said...

A beer well deserved. Cool skydive