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February 28, 2009


... AFF's of the year. A guy who went to level 5 last year and than he took a winter-break. Last jump was October. So, let's start with a level 3 for him. Clouds are low (2000 to 2500 ft) but there are enough see-through holes. So it is very beautiful under canopy above the clouds, you can see what you are doing and where you are going, and you get that incredible feel of speed when you are flying your canopy passed a cloud, or through some haze. Yiihaaa!

The jump is difficult. The student is nervous, burns a whole through the sky at over 140 mph, has a backslide, and can't stop turning. It takes us all of the jump to sort this out.

Because I saw him readjusting and improving during this jump, I don't expact problems for the next one, but nevertheless, rather than going straight to level 6, we agree to do a level 5 first, to be absolutely sure that hoover-control and starting/stopping turns are in the bag. And he makes a beautiful level 5 indeed.

Also his canopy work is good. Approach, wind-check, clean circuit, and a good landing in the area he aimed for.

After this one, level 6 is great fun. We both had a good day!

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Skydiving UK said...

Cool Level 5 skydive! Great skills.