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March 7, 2009

I am late, the first load has already filled up when I arrive. When fitting is called for the first load, it appears there was a mix-up somewhere, and there is one place left. Of course, I volunteer to take it :-) There are three other bellyfliers on the load, so we quickly brief a 4-way. Those three other guys are all experienced 4-way team jumpers. I'm not.

I am point. The jump is easy and quick: sidebody, open acc, donut, yuan, satellite. Exit is good. First time round, the yuan-satellite transition is not good. It feels like I move away from my partner. Well, let's do better... Second time, same problem, so apparently it's what I'm trying to do that's wrong. Third time, I try to change the axis of the satellite a bit, but it still doesn't work. Fourth time, the jump is now going so fast I can't think anymore, I am happy to just remember what I need to do. After that, I loose count. Maybe I should do more 4-ways. They are fun! Or we could brief for more than 30 seconds, or even use creepers. Anyway, great jump!

Some more people join us. Next is an 8-way, with a beautiful brain-lock by Jos. He docks on the wrong person, I wave him to his slot, and while flying he signals sorry. One guy didn't even notice there was something wrong. But another good jump.

Another 8-way, another good jump, more difficult than the last (frisbee, slot switchers, etc), but I'm not very happy with my own flying. No big mistakes but too low on exit, a bit of level on a back-in, those small annoying things.

Last jump of the day is a 6-way: a funnel exit, somebody falling on my back (a block move where our piece turns backwards and is to be picked up by a guy coming out of a vertical move - I didn't make this up), etc. A real zoo jump.

But we have a couple of good laughs afterwards, playing the videos of our jumps in the cafetaria :-)

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